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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Is laser hair removal safe?

Absolutely, when a certified and experienced medical professional performs laser, it is safe and effective. There are very minimal dangerous risks during the whole procedure.  We always assess your history and medical health before performing the treatment.

Is laser hair removal permanent? 

Laser hair removal helps with long term and stable reduction of hairs. To get effective hair removal therapy, you should attend 6 to 8 sessions. The regrowth of follicles varies from person to person, most individuals experience almost 80% of reduction in hair growth, but a very few individuals also experience permanent hair removal.

What should you avoid before and during laser sessions?

We recommend you to avoid sun exposure to eradicate hyperpigmentation and burn risks from laser treatment. You should avoid waxing for about three weeks before laser treatment.

How often should I go for the laser?

Most treatments are done at the one-month interval. If your hair growth is quicker than normal, then you can get treatment more often. You can shave in between the sessions if you feel the need to do so.