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Laser Hair Removal

If you are too tired of threading and waxing your facial and body hair, then it’s time to switch to laser hair removal in Barrie. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic necessity which uses a focused light or laser ray to eliminate undesirable hair.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser produces light throughout laser hair treatment and is retained in the hair by the skin pigment or melanin. The light energy is transformed into heat which destroys the tube-shaped globules also known as hair follicles. This disruption prevents or retards the development of potential hairs.

Does it Offer Permanent Hair Removal?

Laser hair reduction is particularly efficient for individuals with light skin and dark hair but may be used effectively for both forms of skin. This places hair follicles in a hibernation condition for a lengthy period of time and it takes much more time than for tweezing and waxing. The hair will be thinner, smaller, and less in amount as they develop again.

Although the technique is sometimes marketed as a method of permanent hair reduction, laser therapy merely decreases the amount of unnecessary hairs in a specific region. It isn’t absolutely getting rid of unnecessary hairs. If the follicles are damaged, then the development of hair is stopped momentarily.

After Effects of Laser Hair Removal

You may recognize redness and inflammation during the initial few hours after the laser treatment. Use an ice pack to the treatment area to alleviate any unpleasantness. The physician can sometimes recommend a steroid cream to the region impacted if you have a skin problem just after the laser treatment.

Keep away from sunlight and do not go to a tanning salon for at least a month after hair removal and between pre-planned sessions, or according to the directions of your doctor. Use a sunscreen daily for wide spectrum. Hairs don’t fall out straight away, but over a duration of days to weeks you will find them shedding away.

This may seem like sustained hair growth. Repetitive treatment is generally needed since hair growth and deterioration happen naturally in a cycle, and laser treatment performs better for the hair follicles that are in their fresh-growth phase.