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What are Botox injections?

Botox is the simplest and fastest way to have unwanted wrinkles disappear from your skin. The substance used in this treatment is a Botulinum Toxin, a completely safe and natural solution that relaxes your facial muscles – this is what prevents your face from frowning.

Everyone knows that celebrities use Botox to help them restore their youthful look. But, unlike numerous treatments that are associated with celebrities, Botox is now very affordable and can be used by anyone who wants to look a few years younger.

Who needs Botox injections?

Whether you have developed wrinkles and fine lines due to old age or due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Wrinkles appear because, after 20 years old, the lower layers of the skin stop producing collagen, the substance that keeps our complexion looking young and smooth. Irrespective of how healthy your lifestyle is or how many care products you use, you will eventually develop wrinkles and fine lines and need a more aggressive approach to getting rid of them. Instead of costly and time-consuming cosmetic surgery you can try Botox injections is Barrie, Ontario.

Setup an appointment with our specialist in order to get personalized information

Where can you find Botox injections in Barrie, Ontario?

Mapleview Medical center provides effective treatment for patients of all ages. You are more than welcome to give us a call and setup an appointment with our specialist in order to get personalized information on what you can expect from Botox injections.


First 25 units – $199

Additional units – $8.99 each