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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Excess hair has been a problem for women (and men!) since time immemorial. From shaving and waxing to plucking, most people have tried all the hair removal methods, irrespective of how painful or expensive they were. Luckily, we no long need to worry about setting monthly appointments to remove the excess hair – laser hair removal is the fastest, pain-free and most affordable method of getting rid of the unwanted hair once and for all.

The treatment is quite simple: using a handheld device, the technician will direct a laser beam to the area to be treated. The laser will penetrate the upper layers of the skin and reach the hair follicles, destroying them once and for all. Since the light is guided by melatonin (the pigment in your hairs), this type of treatment works best on people with light skin and dark hairs. However, it has satisfying results for other types of complexions and skin color, too.

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What can you expect from laser hair removal treatment?

The results are visible a few days after the first session, when the hairs fall all on their own. In order to get rid of all the hair in a certain area, you will need 4-10 sessions, depending on hair thickness, skin and hair color. Before the first session and in between treatments, you should never use depilation techniques that involved the mechanical removal of hairs (like waxing or plucking). In order to be effective, laser hair removal treatments need to “catch” the hairs in their growth phase. This is why each session will be no sooner than a month after the previous one.

Laser hair removal has no side effects. You may experience a bit of swelling or skin redness, but these will wane in 12-24 hours. The only restriction is sun exposure. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have this treatment during summer; in order to avoid skin spotting, you can use SPF cream.

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Where can you get Laser Hair Removal in Barrie, Ontario?

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