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What is mesotherapy?

Irrespective of how well we take care of our body and skin, with time the first signs of aging will appear. Skin gets saggy and cellulite makes its unwanted appearance; when cosmetic creams are no longer enough to keep them away, it is time for more radical measures.

However, you don’t need to jump directly to elective surgery. Due to technological advancements, numerous minimally invasive procedures are now available and very affordable. Mesotherapy is one of them; pioneered by Michel Pistor, a French doctor in 1952, this procedure is used to target problematic area with “magic bullets” that contain cocktails of naturopathic or regular medicines, along with the vitamins and amino acids that our skin needs in order to keep its elasticity. These “bullets” are shot through micro-needles directly in the mesoderm (the middle skin layer) and their composition differs according to the ailment they treat. Mesotherapy is, in fact, a method to nourish the skin in a more concentrated way that any topical cream can.

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Who can benefit from mesotherapy?

Here are some of the most common applications of mesotherapy:

  • Cellulite elimination
  • Weight loss adjuvant
  • Anti-aging (removal of wrinkles and fine lines)
  • Localized fat deposits elimination
  • Acne and stretch marks elimination

In other words, almost anyone can benefit from mesotherapy, especially since it has no side effects and no downtime is needed – you can resume your daily routine immediately. The results of this procedure are visible from the very first session, but, depending on the condition you are treating, more than one session may be required.

Where can you get mesotherapy?

If you are interested in mesotherapy in Barrie, Ontario, we would welcome your call to make an appointment for an initial consultation. During it, you will learn more about this procedure and our specialists will address all your concerns and inform you what to expect in terms of results and number of sessions needed.