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Are you on the lookout for a clinic that offers topnotch radio-frequency skin treatment service? Are you tired of drab skincare products that line your bathroom shelves but do absolutely nothing good to your skin? Want a final solution that stands for glowing skin at affordable prices? If yes, you have come to the right place.

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We are your one-stop clinic for attaining beautiful and glowing skin naturally.

Skin treatment is an essential aspect of human life. It is considered in high demand mostly from adults and young youths. Environmental factors and gravity tend to pull your skin downwards as you advance in age. In such circumstances, methods like diet or exercise have proved to be actively ineffective to rejuvenate the skin, improve cellulite, reduce wrinkles, stretch marks or reduce acne scars. Due to the low production of collagen, it seems as if some areas of your skin can’t be changed.

Pollogen face and body treatments

Pollogen face and body treatments offer immediate and long term results. It offers an effective means for skin tightening & anti-aging, helps you combat other skin troubles such as wrinkles, acne scars, mummy tummy, wiggle-wave arms, saddlebags, stubborn fat, and lots more. These Pollogen skin treatments provide you with an easy and efficient way to wrestle skin troubles without the need for costly surgery.  This advance treatment fuse several technologies that permit the release of fat in specific desired areas.

Pollogen For Face
Pollogen For Body

Reduction Of Fat And Body Circumference
These clinically proven treatments provide a safe, effective and reliable reduction of fat and body circumference.

Reduce Cellulite
The process of reducing fat through tighten skin smooth and reduces cellulite.

Tone And Tighten Stretched Skin
Brush off wrinkled hands, mummy tummy, wiggle-wave arms without invasive methods or surgery.

Contour The Body and Skin Tightening
Energy from treatment heats up tissue layers for skin tightening, restore elasticity and skin firmness.

Reduce Stubborn Fat
Fats can be easily discharged from specific areas chosen by you.

Clear Stretch Marks
The heating procedure improves metabolism for clearing stretch marks.

Pollogen (RF) Face treatment is suitable for all colors and face types. The treatments are proven to be convenient and offers

Face Rejuvenation
It provides safe and painless solutions for tightening skin to have a fresh young-looking face.

Improve Age Spots
Pollogen treatments help the skin to produce much collagen to cover age spots

Reduction of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Treatment involves painless, safe and non surgical method of removing wrinkles and fine lines.

The Oxygeneo technology produces from within, which results in smoother and revitalized face & skin.

Pollogen treatment process

There are stages in life that sometimes imprint marks on the body which seems impossible to reverse. With Pollogen Face and Body Treatments, these marks will melt away with simplicity using these three revolutionary methods:

1. Heat
The energy gotten from the treatment warms up the layer of fat tissue. This thermic effect precipitates regular fat metabolism, forcing the discharge of fat liquid from cells into the cellular matrix.

Pollogen heat

2. Release
The discharged fat brightens up the area, and it is used as body fuel in similitude with exercise modifying fat cells to be food. This process grants you the opportunity to metabolize specific fat areas of your choice.

Pollogen release

3. Reshape / Tightening / Smooting
Fixed energy warms up collagen fibers inside the dermis to cause contract. This process enables the skin to instantly become smoother and tighter. Simultaneously, the warming effect speeds up the metabolism which improves collagen reformation and generates long-term skin tightening.

Pollogen tighten

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