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Sculptural Face Lifting

This 90 min treatment gives natural and muscle relaxation face lift, without side effects or risk of complications.

The technique focused on muscles of facial expression by releasing  muscle tension, that leads to deep wrinkles or expression lines. This  entire facial and neck massage performed manually on the face and inside the mouth. It provides a deep muscle relaxation which diminishes the appearance of deep wrinkles and expression lines.

Benefits of Sculptural Face Lifting and Buccal Massage

Lifting; Sculpting; Oxygenation; Deep softening of fine lines and wrinkles; Lymphatic drainage and Detoxification: Eliminates Spasm and Blockages; Provides deep muscle relation  by Restoring the oval of the face.

This technique includes 2 parts:
1. Outside of the face- includes through skillful facial manipulations Sculptural technique.
2. Intra oral- strengthening and tones the areas of the muscles which are inaccessible during external massage. This part is performed by practitioner wearing sterile gloves.

For optimum results a course of 6-10 treatments are recommended.
The face lift works best as a course of 2 times a week, then reduced to 1 time.

1 treatment – $180

Packages available:

6 treatments – $999 ($165 each)

8 and more treatments – 1200$ ($150 each)

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